Picture Story: Sunset State Beach with the DOLFY HD Camera Lens kit for iPhone

Picture Diaries

As a journal enthusiast, I am a fan of scrapbooking memories and using fun camera toys to add to my journal art. I recently went on a camping trip with some friends down in Santa Cruz and purchased the DOLFY Universal Professional Camera Lense Kit for my iPhone 7 capture the moments.

I get so wrapped up in the reviews that it takes me forever to finally decide on purchasing anything from Amazon. I guess the reason why I finally decided to buy this one was the carrying case that it comes in and also the 0.6x width of the wide angled lense, which seemed to be bigger than some of the other ones I was looking at.

So without further ado, here is what the DOLFY Universal Professional Camera Lense looks like in a very foggy beach setting followed by photos taken from my SONY HX80 that I am still trying to master.

Sunset State Beach, CA













Wide Angle


For a better look at the wide lense, here are some shots I took at work when I first opened the package:


With the lense: notice my coworker on her computer to the left


Without, it cuts my coworker out of the picture

DOLFY Lense Final Thoughts

I wish the wide lense was a bit wider and didn’t have the blurred out corners, but perhaps the beach wasn’t the best setting to use it on. I think a setting with more visual objects would work better- like a cityscape , as seen in my office photos. The micro lens is pretty amazing as you can tell, but you have to literally put the camera on top of the object. The fisheye lense is always fun and you can’t go wrong with that, so far my favorite one out of the three.

Redwood Forest with the SONY HX80

I am still learning all the settings on my camera, and currently playing around with the Aperture and ISO settings. This camera, although a point and shoot, has a lot of different functions. Here are the ones I’m proud of; the lighting was fairly dark but I managed to get some detail and I can proudly say #nofilter 😉

RSRSE5540UATT7570AWGUE5405 (2)

Camera Wishlist

Next on my camera list is a Holga Camera. There are a lot of different versions and I’m not sure which one to get! If you’re reading this and you have one, please do share!

Thanks for reading, D. Marie