Excelsior: Ever Upward 

Creative Writing

This morning I had the chance to visit the other side of town where I used to know. I spent a lot of time there, I gave a lot of myself there. I had to catch the 44 bus line from the other side of the park. I enjoyed the sun peering through the empty bus, as the rest of the city was still asleep- The Excelsior, ever upward, was where I was going. I was reminded a lot today. I was reminded of my ghosts, and reminded of my faults. I was reminded of my blessings and reminded of the silent acknowledgement between two individuals now, forever strangers, that were once tangled in each others path; painstakingly trying to line up with each others map. There is a weight lifted off this side of town, now, as the sun can peer down on me. Me, able to absorb it’s light.  Free of what was intoxicating to the both of us….

I thought for a moment, about the day, if there ever was a day, that I would pass through this side of town again. And on that day,  I imagined I would be in a place to casually call and say ‘Hey, funny, but I’m just passing our grave…” … I quickly dismissed this idea, because this day will never come, and there is no need for it to come. Once you pass onto your new lives, sometimes it’s best to just remember, and acknowledge each other from the looking glass. No words to be spoken, no words left unsaid.

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